Artistic Craft Storage Ideas: How To Make Your Crafting Area Tidy and Pretty

Artistic Craft Storage Ideas: How To Make Your Crafting Area Tidy and Pretty

How to organize your craft storage area is always be a popular issue. So many crafters have been suffering from the same issue for a very long time. You need an efficient way to organize them and stick to the method every time which could become a challenge for a lot of people. Having a designated area is probably not going to be enough in this case because not a lot of people have a giant house with multiple rooms or a basement to storage all the crafting gears away. However, no need to be worried. Here are some craft space organizing ideas for you. If your whole craft table needs an overhaul, try these craft storage and craft space organizing ideas.

How to storage and organize your crafting area is also a skill

If you want to quickly find your tools at your crafting table the next time, you need an efficient way of storage and organize them first. For example, if you need to store up your yarn, storage containers might be a good way to put them. This is definitely the must have craft storage idea on the list. There are a number of ways to keep your yokes and needles in top shape, including these yarn storage containers. These are big scale storage containers that can help you locate a spot for all of your different supplies, as well as keep them organized. They are not only functional, but also decorated.

While many people are afraid to use jars due to the fact that they make a mess in their house, you should know that jars can be perfectly used in your craft storage. There are plenty of different sizes available, and each size and shape have its own purpose. For example, small jars (which usually have no lids) work great for crafting, while larger jars are good for storing liquids, like base paints and decorations.


If you’re a beginner or just don’t have any craft storage to speak of, this one is for you. More shelves, and wall storage are definitely your best friends when it comes to organization and to put your crafting items away. Yarns, scissors, and other various items can all be stored safely on these shelves. 

If your have space in your home, you may consider to convert a room, a basement, or even an attic into a crafting area. A storage closet or two would be ideal in any craft rooms. If you own these items then you know how valuable they can be. Having these handy items available will not only allow you to find what you’re looking for faster, but it will save you time, energy, and overall frustration in the long run.

If you want a good craft storage idea then nothing beats a Mason jar shelf. There are plenty of Mason jars available on the market today, and they are perfect for just about any type of craft storage. They come with a disclosure policy, and there are also ones that do not. For those who have a craft caddy, it’s good to know that the mason jar shelves do disclose that they are made of plastic, but the fact that there is a disclosure policy is good. This way you know that your items are stored in a safe manner that will not harm your children, pets, or the environment.

What if you do not own a craft storage caddy? If you don’t have a caddy organizer then this is a great idea. It can be as creative as you want it to be. One great idea is to put all of your crafting materials in a large wooden caddy, and to hang a small wall tapestry on the wall behind the caddy. The wall tapestry can be a beautiful piece of art or it can be a fun craft that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. Another great idea is to put one of your children’s favorite books on the wall as well.

Decorating a craft area is a big part of having a successful crafts room. One way to decorate is to use hanging crafts to display your favorite items. These can be anything that you want to display, whether it is a painting of a rubber stamp, or some other type of craft. Use a great craft storage caddy to store these items and you will have much more space to display your favorite crafts and artwork. So make sure that you take the time to add a wall storage system to your home and you will find that your crafts area becomes a great place to gather with your friends and family and start making wonderful memories.